The crypto stakings that made the most money in 2020

The crypto stakings that made the most money in 2020

Which Proof-of-Stake based cryptocurrencies are delivering better gains by staking at the end of 2020?

There is a dedicated website, called, which offers a true „staking monitor“ that allows you to track the performance of 63 PoS-based cryptocurrencies.

The list can be sorted both by market capitalisation, to see which cryptocurrencies have the greatest value overall, and by annual ROI.

The interesting thing is that among the cryptocurrencies with Crypto Machine the highest annual ROI, there are none that have the highest market capitalisation.

In fact, there are only eight cryptocurrencies that have a market capitalisation of more than $1 billion, and none of them are in the top eight for ROI.

The eight with a market capitalisation of over $1 billion are:

  • Chainlink (LINK),
  • Cardano (ADA),
  • Polkadot (DOT),
  • EOS,
  • Nem (XEM),
  • Tron (TRX),
  • Tezos (XTZ),
  • NEO.

Among others, only one of them, EOS, has a volume of more than USD 2 billion, and only three others have a volume of more than one, namely Chainlink, Cardano and Tron (TRX).

On the contrary, LINK, TRX, NEO and EOS would be included among the eight cryptocurrencies with PoS with the lowest annual ROI.

Staking crypto, best by ROI in 2020 is Synthetix

Therefore, the cryptocurrencies with the highest ROI have lower market capitalisation and trading volumes, although the one with the highest ROI has a market cap and average volumes.

This is Synthetix Network Token (SNX), which has an annual ROI of 49.01%.

It has a market capitalisation of almost $850 million, which places it 11th overall in this special ranking, and trading volumes of over $450 million, which places it 7th overall in this other ranking.

SNX is therefore overall the best performing PoS cryptocurrency in terms of ROI, with both a very good market capitalisation and very strong trading volumes.

In second place in terms of annual ROI is DIVI, with 48.20%. However, this is a cryptocurrency with a low market capitalisation of just over $50 million and very low trading volumes of less than $400,000.

In third place is MATIC, with 38.12% annual ROI, another cryptocurrency with a low capitalisation, but at least with more than $10 million in trading volume.

The only other cryptocurrency with an annual ROI of more than 30% is THORchain (RUNE) with 32.50%, a capitalisation of more than 150 million, and an exchange volume of around 14 million.

Only six other cryptocurrencies have an annual ROI above 20%:

  • SHIFT, 25.40%,
  • Elrond (ERD), 25.01%,
  • Phore (PHR), 24.93%,
  • Fusion (FSN), 23.0%,
  • Tokenpay (TPAY), 22.80%,
  • Livepeer (LPT), 21.10%.

With the exception of Elrond, these are all cryptocurrencies with capitalisations well below $100 million, and trading volumes well below $10 million.