3 entscheidende Faktoren, die auf einen Rückgang von BTCUSD hindeuten

Bitcoin-Update: 3 entscheidende Faktoren, die auf einen Rückgang von BTCUSD hindeuten

Der Bitcoin-Markt war die meiste Zeit der Woche unentschieden. Jetzt zeigt er jedoch Anzeichen einer Bewegung, jedoch nicht in die von den Anlegern bevorzugte Richtung.

Bären haben den BTCUSD-Markt seit Anfang des Jahres in ihrer Gewalt gehalten. Verheerende Rückgänge begrüßten die gelegentlichen Aufschwünge.

Drei entscheidende technische Indikatoren deuten auf einen Rückgang von BTCUSD

Die technischen Indikatoren werden nun kurzfristig extrem bearish für BTCUSD. Obwohl es schlecht für die Investoren ist, könnten die kurzfristigen Händler diese Gelegenheit ergreifen und einige Gewinne erzielen.

Für den kurzfristigen Aspekt werden wir den vierstündigen BTCUSD-Zeitrahmen als Referenz verwenden.

Zunächst können wir die Trendlinien im BTCUSD-Chart sehen. Sie verbinden die Spitzen und Rückgänge. Wir können den jüngsten Zusammenbruch von Bitcoin unterhalb der unteren Trendlinie sehen. Die Trendlinie war bereits seit einiger Zeit vorhanden. Der Durchbruch unterhalb dieser Trendlinie gab eine starke Bearish-Bestätigung.

Der zweite technische Indikator ist das Death Cross-Muster. In einem meiner früheren Artikel über Bitcoin Code habe ich die Formation vorweggenommen. Der einfach gleitende 50-Perioden-Durchschnitt kreuzte unterhalb des 200-Perioden-SMA. Das ist ein weiteres Bearish-Muster.

BTCUSD handelt derzeit unter mehreren wichtigen Unterstützungsniveaus. Diese langfristigen Unterstützungsniveaus werden nun als Widerstände wirken. $9.350 wird ein neuer Widerstand für Bitcoin sein. Darüber hinaus handelt BTCUSD unterhalb des unteren Bandes der Bollinger Bands. Selbst wenn er von hier aus ansteigt, wird der exponentiell gleitende 20-Perioden-Durchschnitt als dynamisches Widerstandsniveau fungieren.

Bei Bitcoin zu beachtende Niveaus

Der Widerstand bei $9.345 wird etwas sein, das man im Auge behalten sollte. Selbst wenn es Bitcoin gelingt, dieses Widerstandsniveau zu durchbrechen, werden $ 9.500 sowohl als physischer als auch als psychologischer Widerstand wirken.

Der Rückgang könnte sich bis zu 9.100 $ fortsetzen, was höchstwahrscheinlich der Tiefpunkt des Rückgangs sein wird.

A Californian was charged with extortion and 28 SIM exchange attacks


Richard Yuan Li, 20, of California, was accused of committing electronic fraud for his role in SIM card exchange attacks targeting at least 20 people, as well as attempting extortion of a doctor and cryptomoney investor known as „Investor A“.

Li is believed to have collaborated with others from January 2018 to February 2019 to defraud numerous victims through SIM exchange attacks, and some of the co-conspirators remain unknown to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

SIM exchanges are made by diverting the victim’s SIM to a phone in the possession of the attackers, allowing them to access personal information and accounts, such as emails, bank accounts and crypto wallets.

Teenage cryptosnatcher allegedly threatened the life of his 16-year-old accomplice

History of the same crime
The lawsuit claims that Li first participated in a scheme to defraud Apple Inc. in January 2018. After convincing Apple’s customer service staff that they had not obtained an iPhone 8 purchased from the company, Lie and his co-conspirators were able to obtain possession of a second device.

On November 10th, victim A’s phone number was changed to a SIM card contained in the fraudulently obtained iPhone 8, which Li operated from her bedroom in San Diego.

Crypto currency investor sues New York teenager for $71.4 million for SIM exchange.

Criminals are asking for 100 BTC

Li and his co-conspirators managed to hack into victim A’s email, before accessing several of the doctor’s accounts with various crypto-currency exchanges.

After stealing a significant number of crypts from Victim A, the group called the doctor to demand a ransom of 100 Bitcoins (BTC) to prevent private information from being leaked and supposedly regain control of their crypt-currency accounts.

Between October 2018 and December 2018, Li participated in 28 SIM exchange attacks that targeted at least 19 other victims.

If convicted, Li will face up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

Bitcoin at $20,000? „It’s only a matter of time,“ predicts Aleks Svetski…


Aleks Svetski, co-founder and CEO of Bitcoin Investment Application (BTC) Amber, said the cryptocurrency is on track to reach $20,000.

In particular, in an email exchange with Cointelegraph’s editorial staff, Svetski commented:

„It’s only a matter of time. A perfect storm is forming, all this pressure will have to go somewhere. With Bitcoin, the offer is fixed and its utility of non-inflationary and incorruptible currency is increasing day by day. And soon the price will rise too.“

Svetski: I hope BTC’s price stays low for as long as possible.
We are almost halfway through the year: if you look at the past months, you can see how unstable the pandemic has made the price of cryptocurrency unstable. The asset has in fact reached a minimum of $3,800 and a maximum of $10,300, with continuous fluctuations between these two values.

What will be the conditions necessary for in recent days, what honeyminer runs, as previously reported, its late-october launch, a 7-month low, partnering with airtm exchange, bitcoin, uncertainty and the ultimate narrative, bails on blockchain, corda enterprise platform, crypto space commander to return to $20,000? „Time and a bullish push,“ Svetski commented. However, he would prefer if BTC stayed at current levels for some time before starting its climb.

„For my part, I hope it stays low for a long enough period,“ so investors would have more time to buy additional BTCs at discounted prices.

Bitcoin at $20,000? There will be a lot of FOMO among traders
What happens when Bitcoin goes back to $20,000? According to Svetski, investors will begin to appear cryptocurrency in panic, for fear of missing an unrepeatable opportunity:

„First there will be a lot of disbelief, followed by FOMO.“

Once the $20,000 barrier is crossed, Bitcoin will attract the attention of the general public. Economists and traditional finance traders will warn investors, saying that the price could collapse at any moment:

„Initially, traditional finance traders will be hesitant, but the price of Bitcoin will continue to rise. $25,000, $30,000, $40,000… their disbelief will turn into FOMO, we will see prices accelerate.“